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Hogelogel Camp


Made up of the runners of the many leisure buildings set up across the camp, this has caused a relatively peaceful court, as most are laid back, and do not care about the current affairs unless they interrupt the peaceful and serene sense of the place. Even then most disputes are dealt with by delegates sent off to deescalate disputes that could end is disaster. Laws are sparce and boil down to don't kill anyone.

Industry & Trade

The camp makes most if it's coin from incomming Various Creations that have returned from the front lines and are looking for some R&R. Being a place of hot springs, dart throwing, and Hoggel hunting, the place quickly earned a reputation as a good place to rest. This caused many who avioded the front to settle here and start their own stall.


The main body of visitors are Various Creations, though some Various Creations have been known to visit. Most come here for a bit of relaxation, before a messenger arrives with and order for another campaign. They never stay for long, or they run, but that rarely happens.

Natural Resources

The area is dotted with springs, they are bodies of water, no bigger than a tent, that are heated from the bowls of the world. They are warm and relaxing, and so make popular spots for many. The flat terrain makes for good Hoggel hunting, in which a single person is chased across miles by a group of others, however he has a three minute head-start. There is also some Iron, for darts, though these are usually imported, not worth the trouble.
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