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Your Last Cake

A caravan train that travels the eastern half of the Imperium of Aitreas (or at least, what used to be the Imperium before the Collapse), Your Last Cake is known to bring good times, beautiful people, and delightful smoking joints to towns and cities all along its route. The morale boost Your Last Cake is especially valuable in settlements along the Ureret Desert. Indeed, the most raucous nights for the caravan often take place along that dry, open stretch.   Your Last Cake is a very, very notable wagon train. Composed of nearly fifty wagons (the largest handful of which are pulled by tamed drakes), the caravan is part circus, part travelling festival. It is known for its varied and talented sex workers, rich array of tobaccos and other (less savory) drugs, and other boring, daytime functions, like bringing trade goods from settlement to settlement and the like. Cleverly titled and desperately needed, Your Last Cake fulfills a much needed function in many Imperial settlements, even if it does only stop by once a year or less.  

Main Members

Your Last Cake's leadership is composed of a handful of important people who keep the whole show together: Thomas Redstream the caravan master, Nosbelbeyn the animal handler, Drakilm Lavashield the chef, and Mirabelle Laughingsteel the guide.   Thomas Redstream is a talented and intelligent non-binary human. They were once a Legionary in the Imperium, but took over Your Last Cake after their retirement. Since then, they have done their best to improve the quality of all of the caravan's service, and improve the protections and securities for the workers in the caravan.   Nosbelbeyn is a quiet and kind lizardwoman. She appreciates little more than a good drink and a chance to stretch her talons out. She's a much bigger fan of swimming than walking, so working in a busy caravan takes its toll on her; however, she wouldn't trade it for the world. She loves handling the countless animals of the caravan, and is exceedingly proud of the drakes the caravan employs.   Drakilm Lavashield is an extremely loud and extremely stubborn mountain dwarf woman, but gods be damned if she isn't the best chef Your Last Cake has ever employed. The dedication she puts into her craft is unrivalled, and though she is usually outgoing and possesses a domineering personality, she is as focused as a blacksmith when cooking.   Mirabelle Laughingsteel is an impatient but extremely courageous human woman. Few in the caravan would willingly take Mirabelle's place as the guide of Your Last Cake. It's her job to go ahead of the caravan before every leg of its voyage and ensure there are no dangers. She is extremely talented with the longbow and the glaive, and has to employ both with frightening frequency since the Collapse.


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