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Where addictions breed


Flowfront is located at the southern side of the Mountains of Ci. The surrounding are used to be a flowing meadow, but is now acres upon acres of cannabis, hops, and midnight bloom farms. A river flows next to the town as well.


Flowfront is known for its production of many intoxicants and is suspected to have multiple criminal organizations vying for power within the town. The government of Karaxxis does not seem to pay any mind to Flowfront as it is none of its occupants are breaking laws, nor is the town easily defensible. The mayor is elected by the town's inhabitants and the current mayor, Sir Clifford Bloodhound, is passing laws in order to legalize more extreme intoxicants and increase the tourist population. Sir Bloodhound is well liked by the populace of Flowfront.


Flowfront's main exports are intoxicants of almost any kind. Flowfronts main imports are building materials. The growing and manufacturing of the intoxicants takes up more total land than the residential, both permanent and temporary. The economy of Flowfront is also fairly reliant on tourism.
Since tourism recently has gotten more important, other businesses than the production of intoxicants have been built. Taverns to sell the alcohol, dealerships to sell the intoxicants, inns for visitors to rest, a casino for an activity, and brothels for pleasure. The influx of buildings needed and the lack of resources has caused the import of materials such as wood and stone to be more important, as well as workers for these new businesses.
Due to the interest of more extreme intoxicants shown by the mayor, some biologists and medicinal profesionals from Intelakk have moved to Flowfront in order to research the effects of the higher strength intoxicants, but also to research if any of the intoxicants have a medical use. Some of these biologists are even researching how to crossbreed these plants in order to make different species.
Sir Clifford Bloodhound
Known for
Production of many intoxicants

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