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Giridlozh Prison

"If you escape from Giridlozh, then you deserve your freedom. Or else you'll die in a wind funnel and the planet calls your guilt.
— A former prison warden
  Giraorv Mountain is mainly a home for the Yomtofi and their scientific experiments, but there is one anomaly to that. In one of the larger hovering mountains, there is a cavern. The wind currents make it difficult to get inside, and the weather can make it nearly impossible to leave. The most reliable way is to walk along the ground, at a snail's pace, and be pulled up by ropes and harnesses from those already inside.     It is the most secure prison the Garruw have.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of this building is to contain the most dangerous criminals that the Garruw world has. They'll be shipped in from all over the globe, just to be placed in this one extremely secure location. No political prisoners are accepted because it would offend the honor of the Zyibodzhi who controls the place.


The structure is a series of carefully excavated caves and caverns meticulously designed to contain a Garruw, thus dealing with all the potential surges and blasts and claws. Parts of the design was borrowed from Weinadi architecture, as they primarily live in similar spaces.


Once the Yomtofi began to live in the area, the idea was posed that portions of this otherwise inhospitable area could be used to contain dangerous people. This was a step improved from the past, where summary executions were regular simply because they lacked the abilities to properly contain those who might seek to hurt others.   The ability to contain criminals in a jail also led to efforts to reform them. The truly abhorrent were still executed, the worst were imprisoned in this place and similar prisons, and everyone else was carefully rehabilitated because who would want to banish someone to remain trapped away from the storm energy?   At one point, the infamous Durazhegneb busted one of his Crew out of the prison, successfully. Not many details are known about this, for obvious reasons.


Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank


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