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Sacrifice Mount

The Garruw do, of course, have their own name for it, as it is their own structure, but they will never tell anyone. That this building once existed is a source of great shame to them.
— Human history book
  It is a commonly known fact that the Garruw once hunted the Weinadi. This was mainly as a food source, although as time progressed it became more about the thrill of hunting something intelligent, and eventually a battle between bitter foes.   Within that, there is a darker history, wherein the weinadi were used as sacrifices in the worship of the garruw's gods. The Faith of the Star-Eyed condemned this practice from the start, but such cults grow. One of their primary places of worship was the building known as Sacrifice Mount.   When the practices of the cult were made known, every effort was made to destroy the cultists, the building, and all records that it had ever existed outside of a boogeyman myth to scare children away from being cruel.   When humans discovered the building, it took some time for the garruw to admit to what its original purpose was.


As with most Garruw architecture, the building is constructed as part of a mountain peak, set into the stone as naturally as is possible. The structure goes deeper than most garruw buildings go, however, with a great deal of subterranean rooms that were used to hold the prisoners intended for sacrifice.   The uppermost level is the most wrecked in the intervening years, as it bore the brunt of the attempts to destroy it, and was also mainly composed of windows, to let the light in and supposedly the favor of the gods with it.
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location


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