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The Paupers of Çarimbal

Many poor people, even if etnically Faren, have ended up living in the Zeribian District, because of the cheapness of the accomodation in the shags built upon the marhsy lake. The poor living elsewhere are also attracted to the Zeribian district because of the affortable (often illegal) goods sold in the Zeribian Market, and workshops near it. Due to the majority Zeribian population, the poor culture has a lot of Zeribian influence.   In addition to the poor physical living contiditons in the district, living there means being subjected to under the Zeribian autonomous governance that is responsible for the district. The autonomy gives the Zeribian population larger freedom to practise their culture and religion in the cases where it goes against the common law of the Republic. However, it also gives the Zeribian authorities the permission to control, that the Zeribian population is following the detailed spiritual rules established by their leaders (more information here: Zeribian ritual purity and purification). The Republic is benefitting from the arangement, because it helps to give the large Zeribian minority under control, and the powerful Zeribian lords happy.


Major language groups and dialects

The Zeribians have a standard language, Ngad i zerib Zeribian, which is usually spoken properly only by the nobles and other higly educated people, while the commoners speak multiple local languages related to the standard speech. Because the capital has attracted people from all over the seas, much of the common people prefer to use Nem (Faren language) instead of their Zeribian dialect.   The poor Farens are usually Nem (Faren language) speakers like the rest of their ethnicity. However, their language has been heavily influenced by the speech of their neighbour Zeribians. The use many Zeribian loan words, and their accent is caracterised by some common features of the Zeribian accent. These include substitution of Nem ç with š, ń (ɲ) with n, mixing of o and u, and pronouncing long vowels as short. Some grammatical tendences include frequent verb-initial sentences (Nem verbs are usually last), and using singular nouns instead of plurals (Zeribian plural markers are optional).

Culture and cultural heritage

Zeribian cults are popular among the poor people. The cult leaders offer help in the form of community and suppies to their followers. Many outcasts feel that they give better answers for their daily troubles than the Faren spiritualism, which is focused on family celebrations and ancestor worship.

Common Dress code

Faren style clothes (=tunic) are usually preferred in the city even among the Zeribians, rather than Zeribian tradition (loin cloth with shirt open fron sides or a cape). This is partially due to the Faren cultural influence, and partially because of the more chilly climate. The decorations and craftsmanship show Zeribian influence.

Art & Architecture

The houses of the lake shore, where many of the paupers live, are Zeribian style stilted houses, that hang on top of the water during the flood season. Long canals are left between the houses, that are used as roads for the canooes. Unfortunately many poorly constructed shags are swept away by the flood water each year, leaving the inhabitants homeless.


Relationship Ideals

The commoner and wealthy Zeribians are strongly encouraged to marry within their own ethnicity, but that isn't so much binding for the poor.
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