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Northlanders are Humans that primarily live in the Northern Lands of Casimira. They are most known for their hatred of magic and their relation to the people of Novami.

The Northern Lands are some of the most difficult to live in and the people who survive there are taught to be unyielding and to never show their softer side, even to their closest friends and family.


Common Dress code

As the Northern Lands remain cold for much of the year, most Northlanders wear wool throughout the year. They have a preference for drab colors to better blend in with the mountainous terrain and rarely add in colors except to signify their family or rank.


Beauty Ideals

Northlanders generally don't spend time thinking about what makes people or objects beautiful, instead looking to their usefulness in everyday life. The more useful an object is, the more it may be seen as a beautiful piece. A particularly significant breakthrough in technology might be called such as much as the finest silks imported from Novami.

People are almost never described as beautiful, it is actually considered a great insult to do so. The implication of the word to a Northlander is that the person cannot adequately perform their duties and as such, another type of praise must be found for them.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship can often be a short process, as most of the marriages among Northlanders are ones of convenience, rather than love. A man is expected to declare his intentions with at least three gifts that he deems most useful to the woman he intends to marry. The woman may then decide his worth based on whether the gifts are as useful as the man believed them to be.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships among Northlanders are both very close and very distant at the same time. Family members and friends will often do almost anything to support each other, but it is very common for them to know little more than the likes or dislikes and some pieces of family history of an individual. Their closeness is instead derived from the desire to survive in lands that aren't kind.

Married couples are generally the exception to this standard. Having gone through a phase of courtship while lacking the in-depth knowledge of their spouse's personal history, many couples will spend the first few months learning as much as they can about one another. They may not always share their innermost thoughts with each other, but they do endeavor to learn what they need to in order to support their spouse as much as possible so they have a greater opportunity to contribute to society together.


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28 Jul, 2021 13:11

You've built an interesting and well-structured ethnicity here, great job!   I particularly liked this detail:

A man is expected to declare his intentions with at least three gifts that he deems most useful to the woman he intends to marry.
It really builds up on the previous section and their regard for things of use, rather than things of beauty.