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Ashwesh, or the desert folk of Askariah

The people of the desert land of Askirah are as varied as the land itself. From desert dwellers to mountain folk, to the seashores in which fishing villages populate the area, Askirah can not be called anything but diverse.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Names inspired by plants and flowers are common. So are names inspired by goddesses or folklore characters, heroines from the distant past. For example, Dytralia, Isoleya, Evathe, Pearla, Encelia, Larrea, etc.

Masculine names

Masculine names are often inspired by creatures like scorpions, or lizards and snakes. Their names can also be inspired by folklore characters and heroes from their history. For example, Kalanchoe or simply Kalan, Thyrsi, Bykurus, Waigi, etc.

Unisex names

Sage, Arid, Aridisol, Acacia, Bloom, Burn, Cactus, Creo (Creosote bush), Dune, Datura, Sana, Yucca, etc.

Family names

Family names are just what they are called, names relating back to the family which tells you of the persons background. The full name of a woman could be "Dytriala, daughter of XXXX the judge from Usnesia."


Common Dress code

Many of the desert folk prefers light, covering clothing to shield from the sun. The exception being their warriors and fighters, who need armor to protect themselves should there be violence.


Gender Ideals

Men ought to be hardy and sturdy, yet educated and well connected.   Women should be proficient in the arts relating to maintaining a home where she is safe and comfortable, these skills include amongst other things cooking and childcare.

Courtship Ideals

Many of the Ashweshi find it most agreeable to have the woman choose the man, rather than the other way around. It's quite common for older women to like a younger partner. The courtship may contain a few trials set out by the family as to have the suitor prove themselves worthy and to gain his wifes affection, not completely unlike the one in the myth of how Isoi chose her husband Ebum.

Relationship Ideals

It's the ideal that the husband is the face outwards for the family, but the wife is the force behind him that guides his hand.

Major organizations

The King of Kings, a title held by the current Shah of the Askirah lands. There are several libraries where culture and knowledge is collected. The healing fount of Ebum and the sect of Isoi-Ebum.
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
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