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Diphylla Flower

The Crocus Diphylla is a rare, medium-sized plant and can be found only in dark, shadowy places.

Basic Information


It is a medium sized plant that grows triangular leaves, which are most commonly red in colouration. The roots of this plant is light orange in colour, which fades to a near white at the tips of the roots. It also grows small flowers, which can be dark red, light golden yellow or dark golden yellow. The plant only grows one colour flower at a time.

Biological Traits

As mentioned before, this flower comes in three different colors. The coloration of the flower does not come with any big variations to the size, weight nor production of berries. They are all about equal in these regards.

Genetics and Reproduction

The flower blooms for 4 months every year. They rely on wind pollination to reproduce. Once they are pollinated, they produce small sweet berries which carries their seeds.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes about two to three months for a plant to go from seed to flowering plant.

Ecology and Habitats

This flower only grows on the shadier sides of mountains. It does not like direct sunlight for extended periods of time and therefore it often grows most prosperously in shady valleys and grooves.

Dietary Needs and Habits

This plant needs some sunlight to photosynthesize, and some water. It does not like it in areas with too much rain, but it also cannot survive drying out completely.

Biological Cycle

This plant hibernates during the coldest of the winter months. During springtime when sun shines forth, the flower again starts it's yearly reproductive cycle.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Some use this plant to produce a relaxing concoction to soothe patients. It's berries can be picked and preserved either in jam or dried form, however it is not a very popular berry to go looking for due to it's rarity and how difficult it is to cultivate. These plants grow in small numbers and it is hard, even with experience, to control and maintain their growth.
Scientific Name
Crocus Diphylla
It's origins are unclear, but they most likely came from Askirah or Crocuan originally.
5 years
Conservation Status
The plant is quite rare due to the places it grows on is rarely visited by people, but it has no current law protecting it.
Average Height
20-30 cm
Geographic Distribution

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