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The Ashnen from the sea breaching regions of the Askirah is famed for their skill in diving for fishing and ocean foraging. Their food and cooking is highly appreciated in Askirah, as they often trade their knowledge and skills by their travelling merchants.
Ashnen cookery has gotten so popular that it is not uncommon for a highly ranked official to have at least one cook who has trained in the ashnen culinary skillset.


Major language groups and dialects

As Askirah is a continent with ocean on every side on its wide land, it is not unusual to see that the ashnen has spread all over its coast. The dialects are seperated into northern and western ashnea (the language of the ashnen). Ashnea is a bit like a mix between their own language and the inland common askirahn. Some would simply call it a dialect.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When a baby is born, it is far too dangerous to name it at once as the naming rite involves washing the baby in the ocean. Often naming is held off until the baby is at least 3 months old.   The naming ceremony is conducted by a local priest, often Ebum is commonly requested to watch over their child as it grows up and help it in its journey in life. It is given a seashell amulet etched with Ebums (or the familys chosen god) holy symbol as a sign of allegiance to the temple and the god(s).

Coming of Age Rites

Growing up the child will be given toys that helps them develop into their role in life, many of which are related to the ocean and fishing. These could be carved little wooden boats and knives, to their first fishing rod as they grow older. Boys and girls get quite a similar upbringing, as both often become fishers as they grow up. Being allowed to go on their first open sea boat trip alone is often a momentous time in a youths life, as this marks them no longer being a child but instead a young adult. Many villages have their similar aged youths do their first boat trip together as the ocean can be quite dangerous.   Before the first trip alone, the adults hold a celebration and pray for their success, as a priest lay holy amulents and trinkets around the boat mast and the youths.

Common Myths and Legends

The Ashnen has a few myths of their own, with heroes of their folk performing feats of might and magic.
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