Orks of Murokai

The Orks of Murokai value one thing, and one thing only, strength. They are barbaric beasts, hunting in the steppe, with no morality or ethics. They slay everyone who is weaker then them, no matter if it's beast or sentient being. They really don't care. So if you come across them, pray you are not the slowest member of your group.
— A Merchant from Ventura
  The Steppe of Murokai, is one of the least hospitable place on the continent. Not many animals or plants survive there, and the only sentient people living there are various Orc tribes. Most people living around the Steppe, see them as barbaric savages who just enjoy killing everything and everyone. And even if this is part of their culture, it's not the full truth.   The Orcs value strength, fighting and bravery over anything else and this will make them seem like barbaric savages to the outside. But their culture also values family and loyality. They protect their own by all means nessesary. If you fight one of them, you will fight all of them.


Art & Architecture

The Orcs are traveling normadic tribes, and do not built any permanent settlements. They live in tents and simple wodden structures, they can built up and tear down within a few hours. They always travel lightly, live of the few resources the Steppe provides for them.   There are not many things you would consider art, as everything that doesn't have any immidiete use for survival or fights, has very little value to them. Still their oldest people are tasked with keeping a record of their history. This record is drawn onto big peaces of leather and is expanded upon everytime something noteworthy happens.
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