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Portmanteau of Púca (Irish for Spirit/Ghost) + Halfling

Through the relentless efforts of the Barnema Trade Company, no Halfling scum has an easy life. We will harness the vast numbers of this plague to build a great league between the great cities of Seclora. Let us seek our prosperity together, not waste time warring between ourselves! We have a common pest in our house. We will break their backs like the asses they are. Let them bear the weight of the plow that will bring us to De Onbekende Kust and beyond!

Origin of the Púcaling

Halfling have always lived in the hills and along the coasts of Seclora. For centuries, their homes migrated westward from their purported ancestral home, Iriserende Foss, preceding the arrival of the larger folk from the east. Eventually the Halfling found themselves out of places to run toward and were instead forced to assimilate into the early forms of modern multi-species society. As discrimination started to grow in popularity and then common sentiment, some Halfling started to fight back. Through diligent training and discipline, their forms started to change. Faster, stronger, smarter, deadlier - no two quite the same yet still a common heritage remained. Nigh undetectable to those outside the Púcaling, are their own peoples fighting to free all small folk (especially Halfling) from those who tower above them!


All Púcaling are proud Halfling but each expresses their pride differently. Regardless of the nature of the method, these expressions are subtle and restrained to avoid suspicion and punishment from larger society.   Strict elder-based hierarchies are well established within the culture, a remnant of generations of curbing the overeager enthusiasm of youth. This behaviour is extended as second nature to non-Halflings, and is exacerbated by the general subservient station of Halfling within Secloran culture.   Discipline in physical and mental fitness are taught from early adolescence. Most Púcaling are capable of defending themselves in a variety of mundane, everyday tools varying from brooms and garden tools all the way to the Seacht Sleá Fada.

As to be expected from trying to hide an entire way of life in plain sight, rumors of an "evil breed of Halfling skifter (Gnomish)" do permeate throughout the continent. It should similarly be expected that these rumors also serve as Barnema Trade Company propaganda. Their true stance is that Púcaling are a non-credible fiction but they regularly use Púcaling to breed further societal hatred against Halfling.


In addition to Halfish, most Púcaling speak the dialect/sub-language Púcanese but only amoung themselves or as a form of "coded message".

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Author's Notes

Inspirational References

Some of the inspiration behind the Púcaling include Púca, Faoladh/conroicht, and The Werewolves of Ossory - all pieces of Irish mythology.

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