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Gnomish is the language of the Gnome and utilizes real-world translations (English to Norwegian).   Gnomish is also functions as "Common" within Seclora since Gnomes are the key demographic for The Barnema Trade Company's administrators.   Many places gain Gnomish names when The Barnema Trade Company gains power in the region. Nearly all slaves are given new Gnomish names once captured and re-purposed.

Writing System

Gnomish uses Latin (Norwegian Alphabet) for its script and consists of 29 letters:  

A, a
B, b
C, c
D, d
E, e
F, f
G, g
H, h
I, i
J, j
/jeː/, /jɔd/
K, k
L, l
M, m
N, n
O, o
P, p
Q, q
R, r
S s
T t
U u
V v
W w
X x
Y y
Z z
Æ æ
Ø ø
Å å
  Note: c, q, w, x, and z are extremely rare and are generally limited to loanwords

Geographical Distribution

Spoken predominantly by Gnomes in Seclora but the language is used by all "civilized species" on the continent through the prolific spread of the Barnema Trade Company.


3 Words.
Common Phrases
Druknet til sjøs
Drowned at Sea - An exclamation used when one realizes they've made a grievous mistake or upon self-injury
Dwarf Beard - Something that an individual thinks is "cool" but their peers disagree
En høy siktlinje
A high line of sight - Lofty ambition or desire beyond one's station; to lust after a Human or Elf
En kjedelig fjærpenn
A dull quill - An insult used when an individual does something stupid; an idiot
God day
Good day - Standard greeting / farewell when addressing a stranger
Is i magen
Ice in one's stomach - Exhibit self-control
Sett i benjern
Set in iron - Used as a threat; in reference to putting someone in leg iron's on a slave ship
Som et Halfling-hjem
Like a Halfling home - A place or thing that exudes a dark, dreary atmosphere
Velsignet dag
Blessed day - A greeting / farewell when addressing someone held in high esteem or a superior

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Author's Notes

Worldbuilding Advent Calendar 2020 - 8 / 31
  References Is i magen is an actual Norwegian idiom (source: Funny Norwegian Phrases and Idioms)

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