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Doomfire Angels

The Doomfire Angels inhabit the area around the Doomfire Gorge, from which their name stem from, they are made up of Seraphim. They are a focus point for many of the Empire of the Son's military campaigns, and are generally more violent then regular Angels. Due to this marital culture they are distant from their brethren. The toxic air from the gorge permeates through the air of the Doomfire Angels, making them a wary and cautious race, expending to much energy could easily lead to death.  


Melt Vine

Because P-series 91C "Melt Vine" is the only other life in the region, it is often viewed as a gift or present to someone who has lost a person close to them. It has no other use though, as eating it would render death within the day, and the only tool making part (the roots) are often not included.


Like all other Angelic societies, the questioning of the Father is unacceptable, though they may disrespect other Angels, the Father is above all else. It is also generally frowned upon to leave the area. Eden and other Angelic areas are viewed as aloof and unaware of the war as the Doomfire area is. Not fighting and not accepting P-series 91C "Melt Vine" will also eran you a bad reputation.


Marital Ideals

Being the only Angelic community to be hit be the Empire of the Son, (Other's may go to war, but never attacked) constantly, they have developed a very martial culture. Defending ones home and dying in combat are view as good. Unlike others Angels who frown up such concepts as honor or courage, the Doomfire Angels embrace it.

How to best live life

The Doomfire Angels view life as a job to be done to move to a better place, it is popular speculation that a dead Angel, killed in when in sync with the source will become part of it and live on forever their. This theory is also proposed by some with in the other Angelic lands. Therefore you must do everything you need to do, but only at the bare minimum, anymore would be a waste of time after all. The hostile environment of the Doomfire gorge only expounds this, as doing more than needed could increase effort and lead to you death.
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