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Doomfire Gorge


A large rift only ten miles south of Eden, created by the intense clash between Seraphim and Higher Creations, it is a scared land. still burning from the heat created by the mass manipulation of rock. Almost inhospitable, save for a few small P-series, the area is a jagged morphing terrain, with pits of molten rock resting at the bottom of the deeper pits. The terrian is also littered with the remanents of the source, they sheer amount of power being used caused the air to become rittled with a coma inducing ash that renders anyone ilucky enough to inhale it to collpase within thirty seconds, Angel or Various.


The life that lives within the the gorge is limited to small pockets of Melt Vine atop the peaks of shards of rock cut by the battles. They often grow along these pillars, but halt before reaching he molten rock. Attempts of introducing new creatures into the environment have all failed unfortunately. Melt Vines seem to retract when ever the lava rises, as it does so is cycles.


Created during the battle of Eden, the gorge is a deep and resented scar on the otherwise nice and lush plains of the Angelic Lands, however it did serve a good breeding ground for Melt Vine. It's other use is as a trap for any of the Empire of the Son's armies invading from the east, as they do not know about the toxic air, leading them south is the main plan, as it is slightly southeast.
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