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"The Karsovzi? No. We don't hate them. For they were not cast out and exiled for the crimes they committed, but that they may never have cause to commit crimes. They were the chosen of Rind, and no better sect to uphold his tenets than them."   --Kalah Tyran, Matriarch of Clan Kalah

Zealous Pariahs

  The Karsovzi, no matter how others may interpret things, are outcasts, a fact which they are the first to accept, for they play an integral role in dragonborn mythology.   The Karsovzi are a pseudo-clan of blue and copper dragonborn inhabiting The Pinion, the north-easternmost section of the Skymeet Isles. In the eyes of many, even some dragonborn, the Karsovzi are nothing more a myth, or maybe an offshoot clan that existed in days gone by.   These naysayers are wrong. The Karsovzi do exist, upholding and carrying out divine tenets and mandate with alacrity and unwavering faith.  

Sworn to an Oath

  Dragonborn mythos says that when Saitra and Rind came down from the sky, bringing their draconic progeny with them, Rind, the Creator, never intended for the dragonborn to intermingle with the other races. For the Pearl Dragon had seen the destruction to be wrought by the hands of the other races, and he wanted no part in it for his people.   Saitra, on the other hand, wanted more for her people. In secret, she cast Rind into a deep sleep, and instructed the dragonborn to spread west and south, away from their homeland. For they would always find sanctuary in the northeast, but one day the rest of the lands would be closed to them. And so the dragonborn followed the instruction of the Rose Dragon.   The dragonborn, wise beyond their years, knew that in order for their birthright to remain a safe haven to them, some would need to stay behind, to keep the lands pure and watch over the sleeping Rind. Only one clan volunteered, a small sect closely aligned with the forces of the land.   These were the Karsovzi, and for nigh on a millenium they have abided by the oath they swore so long ago.  

One with the Elements

  In stories told by seafarers and merchants, the Karsovzi are said to be a savage, merciless culture. It is said they have control over the forces of nature: the weather, light, darkness, growth and decay. No pirate captain can claim The Pinion as a part of their Hunting Ground. Those that dare venture in those waters do not return.  

Lost Civilization

  Since the making of their pact with the other dragonborn, the Karsovzi have built an entire civilization for themselves. Over the centuries, the prevalence of this civilization has swelled and shrunk. At times, this culture spanned the entire reach of the Skymeet Isles. Now, it is isolated to the Pinion.   The actual structure and tenets of Karsovzi society remains a mystery to many.

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