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Ravengrin The Bloodless Land

314 ALF

Created by

Writers Team

The laws of Eitridea collapsed long before it did.   Three and a half centuries ago, the humans arrived in this Land. Where they came from, and whether they arrived as fugitives or invaders, has been lost to time and history. Some say they were refugees, searching for new purchase in a world that rejected them. Other say they came to take and conquer.   Regardless, wars that burned across the land between the newcomer humans and the Elders - the elves, dwarves, and orcs - lasted for decades, ending with unquestioned human dominance. The New Age, the Timeless Empire, which would never fall or break: Eitridea.   Now, it is called Eitridea the Once-Great.   Seven years ago, Yaeza, the tyrant empress, was killed at the hands of her own daughters, marking the death of the last true ruler of Eitridea. The ever-shrinking nation collapsed under pressure of political power vacuum, internal rebellion, and the vengeful oppressed.   Now, the land has splintered.   The Mourning, a deadly disease with no cure, decimates the human lands. The dwarves in the east are torn apart by civil war. The elves hide in the cursed northern woods, guarding the secrets of an ancient empire. Orcs, vengeful after centuries of exile, prepare to execute a grudge that has built for generations.   The Crowncloaks, in the south, slowly eke out a new government for themselves, a society that is little more than a conglomerate of walled villages, but with an ever growing army of mercenary cavalry.   The self-proclaimed New Eitridea, nothing more than the stumbling, scrambling remnants of a broken empire, sliding ever downwards into chaos, play a dangerous game of bluff and call.   The Ifrinn Highlanders, the rebels that destabilized the empire, claw their way upwards, trying to forge a new nation for themselves, even as they are corrupted from within by occult forces.   Resources dwindle. The gods, the Forgotten, the Lost, and Forsakers, awaken, or return, after long years of slumber and desertion. They are not pleased.

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