The Pinion

Votahv Kavi was lost. The storm had hit him and his crew two days ago while on the northeastern reaches of his Hunting Grounds, and had been spit out the other side with no main mast and no compass. And now another storm had hit them.   Lightning flashed. Someone screamed.   Flaying ropes, faces wrenched in varying stages of terror and determination. A barrel flying, ten feet in the air, over the edge of the ship.   Darkness.   Another flash, and a jagged coastline was silhouetted, not 50 yards away. Silently, ignoring the chaos around him, Votahv corrected the rudder towards the coast. He just had to hope that the mizzen wouldn't break. Or if it did, that they'd be washed up against the coast, instead of swept out. If they were lucky, some of them would survive.   Darkness.   Prolonged, this time.   Another boom and blindingly white flash, and he saw it.   Votahv's heart wrenched upwards into his throat.   The coast was upon them. Their speed was too great. They would all die. That was secondary to the other thing ... what was it? Oh yes, the person.   Half-elves see well in the dark.   On a rain-flayed outcropping from the cliff, silhouetted perfectly in the rain, a vaguely saurian figure, digitigrade. Votahv, in split seconds, swore to himself. He knew exactly where they were. The stories were true, apparently. The dragonborn - that was what it was - was looking down at them, eyes a brilliant blue. Staring straight into Votahv's soul. There was no mercy there.   Only death.  

Lightning and Dragons

  The Pinion is the furthest section of the Skymeet Isles. The exact perimeters of the region are unclear, encompassing around five larger islands, and somewhere betweeen 25 and 35 smaller islands, some as small as ten meters across. They are known as one of the most naturally violent and inhospitable places in all of Ravengrin, being where storms from the northeast first hit Ravengrin.   All of the Skymeet Isles are considered by the Dragonborn to be their birthright home, viewed with reverence and devotion. But the Pinion in particular is a place of religious zeal and fear. It is said that the storms that ravage the islands are the breath of Rind himself, the rumblings of consciousness in his eternal sleep across the sea.   Despite this, there are very few actual dragonborn living in the Pinion, isolated to a single clan of blue and copper dragonborn called the Karsovzi.  

Significant Islands

  The Pinion is composed of five major islands. Two are actually quite large, while the other three are much smaller, though still far bigger than the majority of the islands actually composing the region.  


  Flight is what many imagine when they think of the Pinion. Its narrow wedge shape means that its southern area is solidly in the center of the Pinion, while its northern tip is on the very northeastern fringe, the furthest point from the Crown in all of Ravengrin. Flight's coasts are mostly cliffs, though some have small beaches at their bases. Above are dense forests, sometimes mingling with boulder-strewn landscapes and rocky outcroppings. The southern reaches of Flight are where there is the greatest concentration of Karsovzi.  


  Breath is the other large island of the Pinion, nearly twice the size of Flight. It's seaward coast is much the same as Flight, but further inland are windswept plains dotted with small oases of bog and cypress and hardwood forests.  


  Fringe is the third largest island of Pinion, much smaller than Flight or Breath. Situated off the southern coast of Flight, just northeast of Breath, Fringe is mostly made up of rain-battered mud flats that are extremely prone to violent shifts. Very few know the way to navigate these deadly plains, but those that do can find easy solitude and sanctuary.  

Tooth and Claw

  Off the inward coast of Flight and Breath, Tooth and Claw were said to have once been a single island, but in a massive disaster were split apart. Now, they are two entirely separate (though very close) islands, known for being the relatively tamest areas of the Pinion, sheltered as they are by their larger neighbors.


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