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Remaining Edwistburgians

Edwisburgians dwelt in the land of Edwistburg.   After its raid, the Remaining Edwistburgians (ones who weren't taken or destroyed and chose not to relocate) hide amongst the shadows and carry out lives that have been compared to those of the Grotig Pyrrans.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Masculine names


Culture and cultural heritage

Most of the Remaining Edwistburgians stay not in the barren land because they have no other place to reside. Their reasons for staying are personal. They despise the The Wahstrehite Kingdom for raiding their land and refuse to allow such a tactic to scare them away.   Though extremely brave in some areas, they are afraid in others. They choose not to clean up and rebuild their villages in fears that watchmen from the Wahstrehite Watchtower will see their progress and sweep back through again to finish them off. Instead, they live lurking lives, scavenging, foraging, and hiding within the rubble.

Shared customary codes and values

The Remaining Edwistburgians stay true to each other and live secretive lives, spending their days lurking to avoid being spotted by guards who may be overlooking their land from the Wahstrehite Watchtower. They live to honor those who fell, and to stay in the land despite Wahstrehite attempting to clear them out.

Common Dress code

The Remaining Edwistburgians are not at all fancy. They craft clothes and weapons from nature and the ruins around them.

Art & Architecture

After the raid, the entire land of Edwistburg was left in ruin. The Remaining Edwistburgians have since come to appreciate the beauty of it all, living in the shells of what used to be great buildings. The land is litered with vandalism from the The Wahstrehite Kingdom including flags, crests, and inscriptions. Though some of these are taken down, most of them are left standing. This is done to signify that the Remaining Edwistburgians are unafraid of Wahstrehite, and to remind them of their greater mission for staying in this land.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Annually, Edwistburgians observed Wedding Season. Several couples would get married around the same time of the year and grand parties would spread across the villages where women gathered to support, congratulate, and celebrate each other. The men traditionally would gather away to leave the women to their festivities. Unfortunately, this made it easy for the Wahstrehite Knights to overtake them, for it is the season in which Edwistburg was raided.   In modern day, there are still small Edwistburgian weddings. The women and men celebrate separately as in olden times, but do not stay apart for as many days as they used to.

Coming of Age Rites

When a Remaining Edwistburgian matures, they are given the choice to continue living in the land of their forefathers, or to wander out elsewhere into Wynsumheord. A chosen few decide instead to head straight into the heart of The Wahstrehite Kingdom to blatantly call them out, or even to become a spy in hopes of subtly overthrowing them.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When one of the Remaining Edwistburgians pass away, they are burried in a place not far from the Church of Edwistburg/The Reminder. Prayers are said, and the closure of the person resting in the land they loved is cherished.

Major organizations

Once Bustling, Now Barren.

  Ever since Edwistburg was raided by the The Wahstrehite Kingdom, the entire region has become a barren wasteland. The bustling cities have been burnt to the ground, and all has been vandalized. Ealdenstead of Edwistburg was already positioned in a desert area, so, without citizen upkeep, nature has reclaimed the land.   When Edwistburg was raided, the King of Wahstrehite did not take full posession of the property. Instead, he left it a destroyed place to serve as Reminder to Wynsumheord of how powerful he is and what he is capable.
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