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Grotig Pyrran

An elusive humanoid being that lives in the inhabited areas of Grotig Desert in Cloddendale. Their settlement, Grotig Pyrre seems not to be a settlement at all when one happens upon it, for it is compiled of many burrows, dens, and caves that appear to belong to the natural barren landscape of the sandy land.   These people hardly speak to anyone other than their own kind, so most are not even aware of their ability to talk. They are usually on the shorter, thinner, and scrawnier side than most. Their eyes are big and always apear to be filled with curiosity and wonder. When threatened, most times, any trace of fear that one once thought they saw will subside into intimidation. When locked into a stare with a Pyrran's suddenly savage eyes, it is impossible not to feel at least an ounce of fright. Sometimes, this stare is a bluff, but Pyrrans are known to be savage creatures. As an animal defending its territory, they bite, claw, screech, kick, pelt, and choke whomever appears to be a threat. They will not stop until their opponent surrenders, or they are injured so severely that they feel it is best to retreat.


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