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Children of Sewers

It is not easy to be a child in Dontgothere City, where people are struggling to fulfill even their basic needs. So, death, abandonment and abuse are part of everyday life for the children of the city. As the environment is not friendly for children, the orphaned, abandoned and runaways have pulled into Sewers of Dontgotherecity and formed their own community, where they look after each other.

Children of Sewers is formed only from children there are no adults within them. The mortality in Children of Sewers are high and it is rare that one survives to the puberty, but when it happens the members are banished away from community as adults are seen as enemies. There are always new members joining to the group in the place of those who are deceased and banished, keeping the group alive.

Usually persons who gets the respect of most of the group members are the leaders. This can be gained by being the most long-standing member of the group, the smartest one, the strongest one, the nicest one or the most feared of. It is not uncommon, that the Children of Sewers are divided to two or more opposing groups, that are waging wars with each others as some of the leading figures are disagreeing with each other. The leadership of the group also effects largely on, how the group is functioning and treating it's members and outsiders.

Naming Traditions

Other names

Most of the children of sewers do not keep their given names when joining to the group but adopts the new name their comrades gives them. These names have something to do with the person's appearance or mental capabilities. The names are usually not the most flattering to the ears of others, but the children carry them with pride as they show that they are part of the group. Examples of names children gives each other are: Rat-Face, Freckles, Booger, Twig-Legs, Dim-Wits and Brains.


Common Customs, traditions and rituals

There are no continuous customs in Children of Sewers as the group is dynamic and always changing. One thing that is maintained in the group is the feeling of unity and the hostility towards adults. Looking after each other and making sacrifices for the group are also common practices in the group.
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