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Sewers of Dontgotherecity

When Dontgothere City was a thriving huge city there was extensive and fine sewer system build under the city to keep the city clean and healthy. Now the city has been ruin for ages, but the sewers are still forming vast and dangerous tunnel network below the ground.

As the sewers are no longer maintained, parts of it have collapsed and the structure is dangerously unstable in others. Some parts of the sewers are still used for the function they were build for, but as the sewers are not maintained and partly collapsed, the waste usually accumulates to those parts until storms or high seas flushes the wastes further to the sewers or even in to the sea. Sometimes, if there is no free route for the water to go through sewer, the sewers flood to the ground bringing possible waste with it.

Mostly the sewers are dark, cold and moist inside, but there are also dry and warm parts of sewers filled with dust and sand in the inner land and close to surface. Temperature changes below the ground are less radical keeping the temperature even and the cold air makes the moisture in the air to condensate to surfaces. The rainwater also flows to the sewer and close to the sea the sea water flows to the sewers filling the tunnels and providing the route for sea creatures to enter the tunnels. This kind of environment gives nice place for many fungi, bacteria and critters to live and grow.

Entering the sewers is dangerous as it is easy to get lost into the sewers forever. For the most part the sewer floor is filled with disgusting mud formed form waste, dust, sand and decomposing matter. This mud hide dangerous deeps inside it that can easily swallow person who is not careful with where to step. The waste and decomposing matter combined with insufficient airflow can create air pockets of insufficient oxygen level or high levels of dangerous gases. Getting dangerous infection from sewers are also quite common as they are filled with germs and aggressive critters.
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