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Dontgothere City

"It is ridiculous to call Dontgothere City a city. Just because there once was a city doesn't mean there still is a city, if few people have decided to inhabit the old rocks of wrecked buildings."
- Historian Davin Greywater
  The farthest city on the coast of Land of the People. It most likely once had real name, but nobody remembers it any more. The climate here is harsh and the shore does not provide the shelter for big ships to dock. So, the people living here survive mostly by fishing, hunting and gathering from surrounding areas.


For many historians this is the place where the first city of people arise. Once the huge busy city stood in the fertile delta of great river. It's glorious buildings were rising high and it's streets were filled with people, sound and smells of exotic spices. Now the river is long since since dried out and there is only ruins where once magnificent buildings arise.


The ruins of the city are the base of the modern dwellings. With crude materials and techniques people have build their homes within the ruins or patched the best preserved buildings.


The land is dry and sand is now mostly covering once fertile soil on the old riverbank. The high seas and strong storms/wind sometimes fills the old riverbed temporarily with water, that transforms the hard cracking soil to muddy mass where crabs, birds and some fishes come to feed providing the citizens much needed nourishment.

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