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Drumian (Droo-mian)

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Drumis is far and away the largest known continent on Emaxus. The frozen wastes that extend north from the main landmass alone dwarf the entirety of Aasveig; however, the majority of the supercontinent is unsettled and unexplored. After the annihilation that befell the world in the Reckoning, Drumis suffered the worst of the god-wars. The entire continent was wiped clean of mortal influences, great empires and vast kingdoms collapsing and returning to the dust from whence they came. It wasn't until several centuries into the Age of Extant that brave settlers began the work of reconquering the lost lands of Drumis, and even to this day, these people have met middling success and remain in small numbers.   Nevertheless, those handfuls of settlements that survived their first winters began to slowly expand and settle as they began to be able to look past the immediate future, and think long-term. And once this occurred, a culture began to form, and a few key bonds began to shape into the ethnicity known today as Drumian.  

Naming Conventions

Drumian society has no set naming convention because those who call Drumis home have such varied backgrounds. Typically, the name of a Drumian person depends on where they were born. Someone born in Osedence likely has a pure-bred Imperial name, while someone born outside of that city might have a bastardized version of an Imperial name of even a Theussaun or Yathra Silthaman name. Additionally, people from Waelcombe Citadel and its territories tend to have Aasveigan heritage, and thus many of them have Maor names.

An Egalitarian People

On the frontier, a noble dies just as easily as a peasant. A halfling farmer provides the food a goliath militiaman needs to fight and defend, and a dragonborn arcanist must work to learn from the much more long-lived elves so that they can do the most they can for their people. As such, Drumians have some of the most egalitarian settlements in all of Emaxus. There is no idea of castes or classes, and every single person, no matter their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or mental and physical ability, gives all that they can for the greater good of everyone's survival.

Brave Explorers

Every single Drumian owes their lineage to one or more brave explorers and settlers who decided to sail the open seas and attempt to reclaim the most inhospitable and alien continent on Emaxus. As such, Drumians are extraordinarily hardy, for even the safest "cities" of Drumis know that an unforeseen calamity or unknown foe could wipe them out at any moment. Their lust for life rivals the Imperials of Aitreas, as Drumians live every day like its their last; however, this is tempered with a steely conviction to ensure that every day is not, in fact, their last, and they understand the hard work and conviction that is necessary to secure a future for themselves and their new culture and society.   To put it simply, Drumians live a life of balance. They fiercely pursue life's great treasures, from love and sex to wine and food, for they know their lives could end abruptly, but they do not do so with reckless abandon. Almost every Drumian knows that their work is to secure a future for mortals on a continent that does its best to keep them out, and they bear that burden with a smile.
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