Ja'saa...tal vrii unja lazankel weshiir osh'zanun ka fariid kel namun. Na iish Vraii'jashuk za iin vanun keel ren'kalvalun ii nii'iir osh.   The desert...the place where many a demon loses themselves. But the "the flourishing flower" have found ourselves in majesty, herein ever laying content.  
—Vraii'jashuk proverb

It's not an easy thing to survive in the deserts of Infernus. An environment more hostile than even the deserts found in The Mortal Realm and with heat that gives true testament to what the Mortals call the Inferno. However, there exist those that make their ways of life in such a hostile environment, whether it be out of tradition or for other reasons. One such group stands out amongst the many devils living in the various deserts around the Realm. The Vraii'jashuk, a small but traditional and nomadic group of devils, has made their way of life in the Niil'vrai'kiin Jo'saahish for thousands of years.

The Flourishing Flower of Niil'vrai'kiin


The Vraii'jashuk began when Elder Demon Nol'fariiinze Vraii'iina left his hometown Hanak'riin and ventured to the desert east in search of inspiration for his literary works around the year Mortal Year 9041 BCE. Upon returning home, Nol'fariinze had completed an entire work of poetry, and around Mortal Year 9037 BCE, he returned. He would return once more with not one but two more completed literary works.   When Nol'fariinze was questioned on what was in the desert that inspired him so greatly, he replied with, "it's grand majesty." Naturally, many of the demon's friends and family were confused and had asked Nol'fariinze if he wished to be accompanied the next time he ventured into the desert. Around Mortal Year 9035 BCE, Nol'fariinze went into the desert along with his brother and three of his closest friends. When the four returned, the people who had known the four stated that the four demons were "enlightened."   Naturally, more demons became ever curious of this desert's "grand majesty." In the mortal year 9031 BCE, Nol'fariinze, along with 36 other demons from Hanak'riin, ventured into the desert. However, this would also be the last time Nol'fariinze would ever return home.   In the mortal year 9008 BCE, 11of the original 36 demons returned home, unable to continue living in the desert. Along with them, however, was a novel written by Nol'fariinze. Written inside was a message to his family stating that "I find my true home here in the desert." It was clear that the demon was never going to return and did not intend to. And Nol'fariinze never did. He and the remaining 25 demons cast away their old lives and began anew in the desert.   In the Mortal Year 8048 BCE, Nol'fariinze wrote a memoir, and within it, he described life as one of the Vraii'jashuk. He explained that the group had found a flourishing way of life in the hostile desert.
And we have cast aside our materialistic desires and have embraced the majesty of the desert. Like the flower in the forest, here in the desert we flourish.

Current Vraii'jashuk

The vraii'jashuk in modern days have changed very little since their beginnings. They retain their nomadic lifestyles and, like their ancestors, prefer nature over materialistic desires. They are renowned for their literature, art, and music. They are masters in Gojeshka riding, using the fiend as the primary means of travel throughout the desert.   What also stands out about the Vraii'jashuk is that many of them can perform Aqua Elemental magic, an extreme rarity in Infernus. This is the vraii'jashuk secret to surviving in the desert. Although, it is unknown how and when the group learned to perform such magic as none of the original 36 demons knew Aqua elemental. It's speculated that at one point, someone in a yu'jin got together with an angel one night. Most believe this speculation to be false, as no demon or devil would ever dare share intimacy with an angel. And if they did, the case would be kept with the utmost secrecy and to the grave.   Instead, most believe that the group's ability to perform aqua elemental was due to the Avriin'durel Plague causing a genetic mutation. However, the vraii'jashuk are one of the very few people that weren't greatly affected by the plague. In fact, the vraii'jashuk people stand out since they retained many of their Elder's appearances. This fact has led others to believe the plague had none or little part in playing a role in the group's ability to use aqua elemental.   Those who don't believe either theory chalk it up to "the desert's majesty."
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