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The Chaosverse

The Chaosverse is an alternate universe where deities are real and the existence of the mysterious force that is magic exists. A universe where our mythologies and fantasies are a reality. From angels to demons to even kitsune, from heavens to hells to purgatories, just about whatever the human mind could come up with, exists in the Chaosverse.

The universe is a stage for a number of projects ranging from historical fantasy fiction to fantasy sci-fi in the future. Themes in stories told in the Chaosverse are many but tend to be more on the mature side including, exceptionalism, hermeticism, and redemption.

Magic & Technology

Magic exists in the Chaosverse. It's well understood, however, it is a force that is still largely unknown at the fundamental level. This force is mana and it's something that has perplexed even the greatest of minds. Magic is the act of manipulating this force, this much is known. But like energy, magic is many things and is still not fully understood.

Magic in the Chaosverse is hybrid and magic is not technology. Instead magic is a tool that supplements technology in many ways, and so much so that in the modern era and futures, that occupations themselves use magic to assist in the workforce.

Current Planned Projects