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The intense sun beats down on Woestijn throughout the day. Communites are most active at night and during the twilight hours in order to stay cool.


Culture and cultural heritage

Woestijnians don't mind living in larger groups due to the need for a sharing of limited resources. Water in particular is extremely important for trade and irrigation. Plants are held in high regard, often viewed as protectors from the wind, sand, and sun. They're also a sign of good fortune, viewed as indicators of water and providers of sweet treats. Many will go out of their way to avoid stepping on greenery in hopes it will one day thrive. It is often said to the young that getting stuck by cactus spines is often considered a punishment brought on oneself by inattentiveness.

Common Dress code

Wearing Rings is expected. The amount worn and material they're made from indicates wealth and standing in communities. A lack of them easily singles out foreigners and the undesirables.

Art & Architecture

The postive relationship with the Ignisore at the source of the river has lead to an abundance of desirable metals. To improve the worth even more Woestijnians became known for intricate metalworking. Artisans are always trying to out due each other in beauty and functionality. An odd yet popular creation are whirligigs. Frequently placed in strategic locations as works of art, these creations help quickly determine the speed and direction of wind storms before they strike.   The wind is even taken into account when constructing large structures. Carved into cliff faces or simply freestanding stone walls, these buildings will have tall windcatchers to cool the indoors. The roofs are made from tiles, palm, or imported materials. Smaller more common residences and shops will simply be white tents to filter the harsh light while still allowing the occupants to see clearly. Brightly colored fabrics are strung between all structures to create shade over the streets for the few who need to travel during the day.
Diverged ethnicities
Related Myths

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