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Delta Edge



Wind Wards are used around the edges of the city facing the Shifting Sands. These attempts to keep the sand out are inevitably futile as the encroaching dunes continue to cover buildings slowly filling the streets. Sand Movers have been employed to recover lost land. However, this is just has helpful as bailing out a sinking ship.   The same desert that is slowly destroying Delta Edge also protects it from land based atteck.



Import and export docks with nearby storage facilities. Much of the goods that arrive supply the market.  


Covered in colorful fabric sheets providing shade to the numerous stalls. Goods from all over Corone can be found, bought, and sold here.  


Received the goods that were shipped from Canyon Town. After Scarlet Sandstorm the docks were neglected. The dried up river useless until it filled back out, now it's only used by fishermen bringing in the day's haul.  


Location of a well, fountains, and a diverse collection of desert thriving plants. Also serving as a residential district for the well off.  


Sand blows up against the wards casting a looming shadow on the residents below. Narrow grainy cascades pouring through developing holes in the overworked barrier. Blind eyes are turned to the numerous sketchy shops swindling unsuspecting visitors.   Frequent bouts of violence occur in the streets, usually over territory, fueled by to many in too small a space. The superstitious even claim that these conflicts only encourage the dunes to press in farther citing Canyon's Curse. This rumor spreading even more after one of the wind ward finally collapsed under the stain, burying a portion of the district.   Those with an ounce of moral standing work hard to escape to safer parts of the city.  


Made up of a large underground system dug into the rock by Ignisore. Public tunnels and caverns are made large enough for Creaviae to fit comfortably. A handful of shallow pools are intermingled with personal dens.


Squared stone buildings with tall windcatchers for keeping inhabitants cool. Streets closer to the water are paved with flat stones for easier cart maneuverability.

Natural Resources

Fish from the river and ocean feeds much of the city. Residents in the garden district grow editable succulents and other drought hardy plants. Individuals here will also raise a variety of tasty poultry, lizards, snakes, and other small animals. These foods are also found in the river district.
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