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Creaviae (Cree-ah-vee)

Basic Information


  The flesh on their wings stretches and is velvety to the touch, the ones who can fly have an extra set of wings on their legs.   In Corone and Trenzar they can stand and walk upright, however this results poor balance and can easily be knocked down.   Creaviae in Fractus are missing the wings on their back, walking upright unless they regain them.  

Genetics and Reproduction

New creations are made from one of five Energy sources (Type L, E, W, S, or F). Once gathered, there is 47 hours to shape and influence the body, markings, and colors. An individual may also simply choose to create Imitations using any of the sources.

Growth Rate & Stages

Young bleed a lighter amber red growing a darker red as it ages.

Ecology and Habitats

Desert dwellers always have dark marks around the eyes. However, they are much more active at night and during twilight hours.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While they can consume a wide variety of foods, many hunt or fish.

Biological Cycle

Those with an average coat will have it grow thicker and longer during the cold winter seasons. They will cut it down or shave it off when warm weather returns.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

  • eyes always glow a single matching color
  • Fangs always stick out past lower lip

Character Design Notes

  • Long legs and small wings are characteristics of young characters.
  • The widths of legs, tail, neck can be exaggerated
  • Ears are, at minimum, the same length as the muzzle. Significantly longer is perfectly acceptable.
  • Tail is at least 1.5 times the length of the body (usually just drawn however I feel like that day usually 2.5 times the length)
  • Hands and feet tend to be on the large side
  • Assorted Markings
They can be mixed and matched along with countless other variations not shown.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They use smell to identify ownership of objects and places as well as when someone was last in the area. While they can see at night, Type L can see as clearly as day even in the pitch black (color will be muted or black and white the darker it gets.) Ears are also used to detect changes in temperature and movements in the air.   Everyone has the ability to use magic, but only some will have a natural talent. These individuals often use it reflexively when young. Those without practice will have little to no control of it. Continuous use of magic by anyone results in a decrease in their life expectancy.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Primarily identified by looks and smell, they will be given a call sign by those around them. This can take days to years before one is obtained, if ever. Typically feral creaviae will only receive one from whoever they harass.

Beauty Ideals

Staying clean and well groomed is encouraged. Sharp reflective claws and healthy shiny coat with even color is considered the most ideal. Odd or unique markings are considered works of art. Implying the creator(s) may have tried to introduce the patterns or colors while the individual was being sculpted.

Relationship Ideals

It's uncommon to meet a Synphon, but they don't go out of their way to find one.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

While they all speak Creaviis the different regions will have accents and sayings. They also can communicate using engine like sounds. (This the only way the feral communicate) -snarl -roar -purr -whine -hum -hiss -growl. The very young will -beep -click -chirp -whistle before they can speak

Common Etiquette Rules

  • Perform a brief ritual after a successful hunt
  • Ask permission before hunting in someones territory 
  • Don't touch someone else's ears

Culture and Cultural Heritage

They often live far apart allowing space for food resources to be distributed throughout territories. Friends are allowed to hunt in these areas, everyone else requires permission. It is perfectly acceptable to just pass through as long as they stay on route. One can ban anybody from entering their territory although this is rare.

Common Taboos

  • Intentionally killing someone outside battle or competition.
  • The use of poisons.
  • Intentionally damaging someone else's eyes or ears. Ear piercings are unheard of
  • Cannibalism and consuming flesh of any kind without preparation.
  • Intentionally harming the young

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Have trade agreements with Ignisore   Out right hostile against Avisloe   Norm used to trade with Humans over in Urbs, fascinated by the strange steam operated objects.
Scientific Name
Average Height
4’2”-5’10” at the shoulder
Average Weight
300 - 700 lb
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
  • coat colors and patterns are determined by surroundings and individuals the young interact with
  • skin has same colors and patterns as coat

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