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Type L

  Beings with a core of radiant energy watched over by Light created from fallen stars only found on clear nights.    
  • Can manipulate visible light, frequently using hard light and lasers
  • Thought to be at their strongest during the winter
  • Can see clearly even in the darkest places
  • Those trained for it can for a few seconds use x-ray vision. It's difficult to do and uses a lot of energy, often quite painful to the user.
  • Have been known to create illusions. Particularly, the magically inclined young tend to disappear when frightened.
  • Believed by the superstitious to be agents of Light, intentionally or not, sending it information about the on goings of the mortal plane.
  •   Many end up working as sorcerers, medics, farmers, and nightwatchmen.
    Metaphysical, Elemental

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