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Shifting Sands

It is said that dunes have long since buried the remains of Canyon Town along with all its riches and the creature guarding it. The desert itself seems to have a will of its own appearing to favor Type W more than others. Some viae have even claimed to have encountered Wind while lost, adding to the rumors of favoritism. These individuals also believe that Wind is intentionally hiding the town not only for the benefit of the beast within, but for the safety of those who wander too close.


The blistering desert is made up of massive dunes that shift covering the rock formations and canyons. Oases have a tendency to appear and disappear at random making traversing it incredibly difficult.

Localized Phenomena

The outskirts of Delta Edge are slowly being consumed by the encroaching sands. Locals have taken it upon themselves to put up wards and hire individuals to remove the sand covering the buildings and streets. Those affected claim the desert itself is angry over blood spilled in the past. As punishment it will cover everything that is left allowing only a respectful silence over the land.


Few treasure hunters and archeologists have the bravery to traverse the desert in search of wealth or fantastic finds. They will travel up the river scouring the nearby dunes. A Wind Ward is an absolute must have, lest individuals along with their camps be buried completely. There have been reports of those resting for the day only to get up to a wall of sand in the evening. Precious time is then wasted digging out and moving camp.
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