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Black Diamond Clan

This was inspired by the World Anvil Summer Camp of 2021. This is for the article: An Ethnicity Surviving In An Inhospitable Region

The Black Diamond clan, also known as Diamond Dwarves. They are an ethnicity of dwarves who are known for being analytical. Originating out of the The Deadlands. Diamond Dwarves are highly in tune with the magical energy of the lay lines, thus are trained specifically for crafting magical items. This talent derives from several generations living in the mines to the west of the Ruined Alton City before the great explosion that wreck the city. They supply the military arms for the The Church of The Glow. Their arms are known for their magical properties. Due to this the arms are sought after by many organizations. Many unique magic items are produced by them.   Diamond Dwarves are slender, intelligent individuals. They are less off-putting and gruff in nature compared to most Dwarves. The average Diamond Dwarf is about 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall and weighs as much as an adult human. Diamond Dwarves have jet black hair that last their whole lives.


Shared customary codes and values

Diamond Dwarves have first names given at birth, but the clan name is often introduced first as a mark of honor. Often times childhood friends will give them nicknames based on personality, hobbies, or talents the individual possesses. The nickname often replaces the first name after one reaches adult hood.

Major organizations

They have strong political and military connections within the The Church of The Glow . They have formed the brothers of The Iron, a crafting guild within the Glow City .

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