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Sherpuan (Shure-poo-an)

The Sherpuan people are a tribe of mystic Lizardfolk that live next to Lake Comtu. These people moved to the lakes cave entrence after finding ancient pictographs on the walls of the cave that seem to depicting the Lizardfolk emerging from the lakes water. The people who live here are searches of divine truth and collectors of Essence Moss. Overtime the Sherpuan people developed a high tolerance to the gasses in the cave and were able to stay in to cave for longer and longer periods of time. Now the tribe lives permanently in the cave next to the waters worshipping Numbakulla  and giving thanks for the life the Lizardfolk were given.


Coming of Age Rites

at adulthood every Sherpuan is Brought to the Gerru a hut in the middle of the village where the children are brought to be sealed by Numbakulla as a priest and protector of the lake. the ritual include the child drinking a mixture of purified lake water ground up Essence Moss and other local planets and fungus from the region. Then preying to Numbakulla to give them there symbol of Devine acceptance. after they have there journey they draw there symbol and it is etched into the flesh on their brow as a symbol of there priesthood.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Sherpuan people are the only people in Asmatum that do not ship their dead to Ditallu for burial. Instead the people of Sherpu lay the bodies of the dead in the waters of Lake Comtu to be assimilated in to the blood of Numbakulla
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