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The Wadahbi people have resided among the lands of Dalsim before Dalsim was even a thought in its founders’ eyes. They witnessed the fall of the Nerlythian Empire and even claim in tales to remember its arrival to the desert.


Not long after the Exodus of the Gods, the land began to rapidly change. As people spread further across the continent of Velruun, it was not long before there was need to establish trade between the widely dispersed populations. The Wadahbi people grew out of those who began the route between the eastern shores of what is now modern day Tragia and the mountains near Ran'sin Daul. As the land between the two locations began to wither and the sands overtook it, the Wadahbi became adept in traversing the depths of the newly formed desert and eventually took up residence within its dunes.


A nomad's travels

Having adapted to a mostly nomadic lifestyle the Wadahbi have tailored their lives around the move. While they will occasionally put down roots for months at a time - most of their time is spent around and in the deep desert. Because of this they maintain little in the way of written works, maintaining their history primarily through the verbal retellings given by the caravan's wordkeeper known as a Na'dib. What written accounts do exist, come from outsiders who have spent time among them and committed those words to paper. Their choice of shelter is also influenced by these travels. Large communal tents are most common, with the individual components rolled up and split among members of the caravans. This is a key benefit, and the tent can be quickly partially assembled to provide cover from the hot sun while still allowing breezes to blow through, or assembled entirely to block out the sandstorms which frequently plague the desert.

Coming of Age

Traversing the deep desert requires many skills, most of which are picked up from experience. Before any child, of any gender, can be considered a full member of the caravan - they must pass a gauntlet of trials that demonstrates those skills. The Riya Nidai consists of four trials - the completion of which demonstrates the members ability to navigate, find water, avoid natural dangers, and receive the acceptance of the deep desert. These trials are completed by all those who have seen seventeen summers before the rising of the Great Sun in early autumn. Upon returning from their trials - the caravan will throw a feast, and the newest members will now be able to full participate in the caravan's decision making and be entrusted with leadership of work and scout groups.
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