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Pob’ (/poɓ/)

"Everyone knows that the Pob’ trade in Thorny Vine Sap."   "Isn't that illegal?"   "Yeah, it's illegal. But they seem to only use it in their rituals, and it's not like anyone can stand their smell long enough to do anything about it anyway."
— Conversation in Aũ Bo
  The Swamp Nephilim, or Pob’, are Nephilim that settled in the interior of Ætoya. They are reclusive and irascible by even Nephilim standards. No one knows much about them or their curious ability to tolerate the legendary noxious smell of the swamp - which is something that not even the Orx can tolerate for long periods.   The only contact that other sapiens of Imnnacon have with them is in Aũ Bo. This contact happens twice a year, three weeks before the solstice and the equinox, and is usually very short and very unpleasant. The purpose of their journey to this market is to trade their Sicklebee Tea for Thorny Vine Sap.   While there, it is possible to engage them in rudimentary conversation, if one can stand their smell, cantankerous nature, and drunken behavior, not to mention the dangers of being in Aũ Bo in the first place. Only the most adventurous, ambitious, or foolhardy scholars have tried. From this, they have managed to learn the following about the Pob’ culture.
  • They use the sap for their sacred ritual, The Night of Knowing.
  • They are incurably addicted to Sicklebee Tea.
  • They live in dilapidated huts in the center of the swamp.
  • They hate looking at the sky.
  • They believe that Ōkrũchoob will arrive soon and destroy the Ætheric Veil, thus bringing about the age of Chaos and the destruction of Imnnacon.
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