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The Oni are a giant race of ape-like demons. They are human in shape but have over sized ears, a horn or horns on the forehead and a shaggy mane of hair. The skin shades are greens and blues, into white and red and the body is hairless. They possess magics that control the mind for a short time and cast fire, ice and darkness. Though they have no wings they may fly through the air for an hour at a time before they must rest. They also may vanish from sight - either becoming immaterial, crossing to the fringe of the Mists or Astral or Umbra or some other means.
An Oni
by Mutterwolf

The Oni Hell realm is bound above by a blazing sky with 2 suns and scorching winds. The surface is as a set of huge barren stone scales upto thousands of meters across with cracks or fissures between them. These scales stand upon columns hundreds of meters tall. The columns branch out forming arms like tree branches that support the top layer.  Stairs and tubes wrap the columns below the citadels, passing cool air and water as well as metals and other items from the mines below to the Citadels above. The mines are worked by slaves captured from the mortal realm in raids via Blights and open fissures between the realms.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Oni raid and battle between their Nations and raid the mortal realm for slaves and resources.

Shared customary codes and values

The Oni, Tikbalang, Jokuun and Yokuun are a martial societies where might makes right and marks status. They believe cruelty makes them stronger as flesh is weak and pain passes.  Yet they are also hedonistic gluttons for sensation and debauchery of all forms. They collect gems and treasure for decoration and display but have no trade. Lessers may be sponsored and protected if they provide something of value and import to someone higher. This is how a slave might survive and avoid being dinner, and perhaps prosper if a smith or other high value skill.  It is fair to steal servants if you can, but the trick is keeping them.

Common Etiquette rules

Oni society is a pecking order. Your status is relative to who you can beat and what support and value you bring to the more powerful

Common Dress code

Clothing is optional, though associated with status.  The low rank and young are naked or dress in rags. However even great warriors and lords may only wear a loincloth when not in armor. Better quality shirts or robes may be worn with increasing status.  They also like to wear either a Sard- a tall domed hat which may be round or trapazoidal, or the Sarno, which has 'dog ears" that stand to the sides or hang down the sides of the head over the ears.  These hats may be felted, leather or made from captured materials.

Art & Architecture

Oni appreciate ornamentation and decoration of various forms.  They have limited use for statuary and carvings - which can be tributes but frequently get used in sex or torture.  Torture and scarification are practiced as arts. As are erotic practices - which may combine with the torture. Nothing is forbidden if you can do it.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Might makes right and the powerful take what they want from lessers. Or take lessers as servants and playthings. The Unranked young roam the citadel and mines fighting amongst themselves and developing skills.  Supervisors watch for rebellion and promising youth for their Squires and warriors.  Unranked with useful skills may be sponsored.  Offenders, defeated challengers and the severely damaged are typically killed and eaten along with slaves.


Beauty Ideals

Muscle, symmetry, shapeliness, magical power and wits are important. Decoration with bones, metals or gems is usually associated with status as anything that catches the eye of someone might be taken and ability to keep possessions is a sign of strength at each social order. Weight and how well fed is also an indicator of status and beauty.

Gender Ideals

The Oni have male, female and bearers. Bearers incubate the young larvae produced by the females and are consumed by them as they mature. Few bearers survive a litter. Males or females that have offended a higher rank might be forced to serve as bearers and tend to produce stronger young. Most bearers are smaller than males or females and have weaker magics.  They are produced 80% of the time from Larva raised in a non-Oni host and only 1 in 10 larva from males or females and about 50% from Oni-bearers.
All that matters is power and might in Oni society. Personal magic and fighting skill leads to status and patronage. Followers increase personal power and influence with others as you have added warriors to challenge other warriors. Weakness -including kindness- is despised. The weak are food.

Courtship Ideals

The powerful or mighty take what interests them - be it slaves, servants, youngers or others. There is no courtship - just orgies and personal indulgence. To be sexually, and sensually pleasing is to gain patronage in places of personal indulgence or to get notice in an orgy. Failing means being left at a lower rank or becoming a meal.

Relationship Ideals

Each individual is on their own.  The powerful get use, pleasure, followers and potential threats. The weaker gain status under patronage or fighting for rank under a warrior or lord.

Major organizations

The surface of the Oni realm is dominated by nine ringed castles for the different Nations. Oni, Tikbalang, Jokuun and Yokuun identify themselves by Nation. These Nations are
Abandon Famine Plague Vengeance Wrath Destruction Hate Rancor Poison

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