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People of Uioko


Major language groups and dialects

They really only speak one language, and most do not know common tongue due to isolation from the outside world. They speak what is commonly known as Stormspeak by outsiders, but is known to them as Ariish (Aree-ish), and is a complex language almost completely unique to the region.

Shared customary codes and values

They typically value community, respect of nature, and the sacredness of life and of nature as a whole. They tend to be in almost reverence of the natural world, as they are solely situated within the Stormy Crossroads, they often have a much stronger opinion of the wilderness than most people.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The festival of the Clear Clouds is celebrated by almost everyone in the region and who is a part of this ethnicity. It is a festival that occurs whenever there is a clear sky in the region, and storms break for a bit, and is a massive celebration of the rainbreak.

Common Myths and Legends

They have countless myths, mostly surrounding the countless dangers that surround them at all times within the wilderness of the Stormy Crossroads, and most of which are completely foreign to all surrounding peoples.


Beauty Ideals

Considering most people here struggle with sight in its entirety, most have very little in terms of beauty ideals. Strength is valued across everyone, and people who are strongly muscled are typically considered more attractive than those that aren't. Height is also valued beauty wise, and taller people are often considered more powerful and therefore more attractive.

Gender Ideals

They do not have extremely defined rules when it comes to gender, as the relatively tiny amount of influence from the outside world meant that they neglected to develop strong ideals in terms of gender. They view all people as natural hunters and protectors, believing it is in their nature to be strong and to be defenders, but they also believe that all people are natural nurturers, and that raising children is the job of the society, not just the mother. They typically believe in all people of a society filling all roles, not just those stereotyped to masculine and feminine.

Relationship Ideals

They believe in relationships for love, and form bonds similar to marriage that last for life. However, these bondings have no societal or legal standing, and are only formed on an individual basis, so often it is less stressful and intense of a decision, but rather one made on a very personal basis, between only lovers without legal interference. They make no societal or legal differentiation between same and opposite sex marriage whatsoever, and the vast majority of people simply do not care.


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