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Stormy Crossroads


This is an area of forest located in a near vertical strip between the western and eastern portions of the Forest of Grien. It is much more barren than the rest of the forest, as many of the trees have been swept away by the violence of the storms that destroy almost constantly and completely mercilessly due to the colliding hot and cool air currents from opposing sides of the forest. Much of it is covered in water, as the naturally occurring rivers have flooded to create massive stretches of wetlands. Very few accounts tell about what it looks like within the Storm Zone, as very few people have entered the region and made it out alive.

Localized Phenomena

The almost constant thunderstorming within this region is relatively unique to the Storm Zone. The cold fronts from the East that come from the Frozen wasteland meet with the warmer fronts that blow in from Ocharial, and where they collide in the Stormy Crossroads is a massive hurricane level thunderstorm that rages with very few pauses or breaks.

Fauna & Flora

There is not much in terms of plants and animals in the Stormy Crossroads. However, some creatures like the tiny Flutters or the powerful and water resistant Dragontigers remain within the land, persisting in the tough environment. There are also some very hardy trees, leafy plants, and plants that resemble swamp life. There are also some small societies that persist through the odds within the harsh environment.


There is virtually no tourism to this area, as very few people who ever enter into the Stormy Crossroads make it out alive without travelling in a large group with intense preparation. The only people who ever enter this area are those attempting to cross over it, and they often do so with much struggle, and many perish due to the intense natural life.
Alternative Name(s)
"The Storm Zone", "Death Collides"
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