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These people, living on the vast icy wastest that dominate the north of the planet, survive almost entirly on magical energies. As such, they are the most magically tuned people in Y Bydd, with nearly all having The Spark.
Living in the far north as they do, they must subsist of the Magic that is present in the world, collecting it to produce food and the items they use. While they do hunt a pig like creature and a fuzzy lizard, almost all their nutrient intake is magical. Even their structures that they rotate between throughout the year are primarily constructed of magically produced resources.
They tend to spend their summers on the actual ice sheet that dominates the north, travelling on magically driven sleds along the densly packed lay lines of that part of the world collecting magic. In the winters they retire to a few northern islands, above the mainland, where there is at least some animals and plants other than those very few diving fuzzy lizards that survive near the edges of the ice sheet.

Naming Traditions

Family names

They derive their family name maternally.


Major language groups and dialects

A very cloesly knit community, they all speak a similar tongue that is mutually intelligable accross their peoples.

Average technological level

They live magically augmented hunter gatherer lives, searching for magical areas to extract that magical energy to produce food.

Common Dress code

They wear thick fuzzy coats, made of many layers of the skin of the lizards they hunt. This is also the material their summer huts are constructed out of.

Art & Architecture

In the winter, they live in semi-underground huts built of whale bones, stones, turf, and lizard skins on islands above the mainland, while in the summer they live in temporary huts made of snow, ice, whale bones, and lizard skins.
The tunit are well known for their craft of tiny, excellently carved statues of animals, carved out of bone or other materials.

Funerary and Memorial customs

A body is deposited in the vast icey wastes of the ice sheet, sitting, facing north, toward one of the convergances of lay lines.


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