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The Spark

Only around 1/20 people have the spark, a thing in their souls that allows them to achieve superhuman abilities, like the rage of a true barbarian, the mystical ability of a monk, or the magic of a spellcaster. Most can only dream of such abilities.
Sparks have different levels of power. Most sparks are below around 6th level, but some go all the way to 20th, and sometimes even beyond. Different races have different occurances of such sparks, but they can be found in every race.

Transmission & Vectors

Typically, if one parent has it, the children are around 10% likely to have it, while if both do, the child is around 25% likely to have it. In normal people, the chance of a child having the spark is only around 2%. However, those with more powerful sparks have a higher chance of passing it on, to the point that some with the most powerful of sparks will pass it to half their children. Even if a parent does not have the spark, their children are more likely to have the spark if they have a history of it in their family. This is true even if the parent was adopted into the family.
In legend, many people have petitioned the gods for a spark. It is recorded that it has only been given in such an occurence once, at the very end of the first age.


The touch of a god


Creatures with the spark are more competant and intelligent than others. They can manifest some kind of ability, and can, with training, detect others with the spark.


Very good

Affected Groups

In humans roughly 1/20 have a spark of some kind, and like humans, they tend to be very varied in power.
Dwarves have less sparks, closer to 1/30, but those that they have tend to be more powerful.
Elves have more sparks, around 1/5 have one, though they are normally of a very low level, just enough to handle around a level. The rest of them have just enough connection to the weave of magic to cast a cantrip, or be supernaturally stealthy. Eladrin all have sparks.
Half-Elves have the high rate of sparks from the elves with the high variability of human sparks, leading to around 1/10 having sparks, and those being nearly as variable and powerful as those of a human.
Gnomes have very few sparks, only 1/40, but their natural magical abilities make them capable of cantrip level magic.
Halflings have the same occurence of sparks as humans, as they essentially are humans.
Halforcs rarely have sparks, only around 1/40, but they make up for it with their natural strength. Half-orcs sparks tend to be quite weak.
Tieflings, Aasimar and Dragonborn all have sparks, because of their heritage. In fact, one of the primary causes of spark heritage in humans is draconic, angelic or infernal ancestry.
Most other races have some chance of Sparks somewhere between 1/100 and 1/20. However, even animals can recieve sparks, though this often turns them into dire or enlarged versions of themselves. For example, all Tortles are turtles with a spark. A Loxodon is an elephant with a spark, a minataur is a bull with a spark. Lizardfolk, yuan-ti, kenku and tabaxi are civilizations based on animals with a spark, but they pass on the spark to all children, even if it tends to be quite weak.

Cultural Reception

Having the spark is a mark of great honour and power. Only those with it can rise to the heights of power.
Typically, only those with the spark will be able to actually gain office, and as such, most important roles actually require the spark to be. The King of Albion is not the oldest son of his father, he is the oldest son with the spark. If no men-heirs have the spark, it will go for the first daughter with the spark, and then to cousins, entirely skipping those without it. In only the most extreme of circumstances will power go to one without a spark.
Chronic, Congenital


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