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Y Bydd

The planet of Y Bydd was created by the gods, Bahamut, Amaan, and Tiamaat. Originally with 2 large continents, TImaat's corpse created a large third continent within the large ocean that encompasses one large side of the planet.
The primary continent, commonly known as the mainland, makes up 3/4ths of the surface area of the planet, followed by the corpse of tiamaat making up 1/8th, the great eastern continent taking up another 3/64ths, another island near the mainland being of roughly similar size, and then all other islands making up the remaining 1/32nd. Only 22.7% of the planet is land, with 70.5% being ocean and lakes, 5.7% being the two large ice caps which only form in winter (there is no ice during local summers), and the remaining 1.1% being coatal tidal areas.
The entire planet is 3720 miles in radius, according to the current scholarly consensus. It is accompanied in its journey by a a pair of tightly coiled enourmous dragons. One, is silver, 104000 miles away, that appears to be some 400 miles across. This is, of course, Bahamut. Another is perhaps 3-4 times further away, but of a similar size. Coloured the deep red of life and blood, he is Amaan. This albese calander displays the orbits of the gods, and how the people of albion have incorportated it into their lives.
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