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Island of Albion

The isle of Albion is a fair, fertile and overall lovely place. Measuring 620 miles from north to south and 310 miles at its widest from east to west, the island is bordered to the west and north by endless oceans. To the south is Lotharingia and Emenia is to the east. A small set of islands exist on the western side of the island, as well as to the north. These islands are mostly rolling hills, and very windy.
The land of Albion comprises around 88.58 million acres, of which perhaps 2/5 is arable, 1/5 is forest, 1/5 is pastures and meadows, and the last 1/5 is mountains or marsh. Most of the mountain is concentrated in Zhakhzad, while most of the forest is in Fosia.
Within Y Bydd, Albion is roughly 2/3 of the way north of the equator, roughly a quarter turn of the planet from the corpse of tiamaat.


Albion itself is mostly forested, though in modern times much of the land has been cleared of forest and farmed. To the north lie the Alba Mountains, and to the east there are marshes and a small ancient range of mountains that have since turned into hills.

Natural Resources

Massive forests and fertile land. Deposits of coal and other metals exist under the isle, but the easy ones have already been tapped out.


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