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Most Holy Order of the Dragon

This shadowy order operates around the world, but is headquartered in Albion. They are well connected with most illicit organizations, such as thieves & assassins guilds, but also have many connections in the more reputable guilds. No member would ever reveal their membership, or the existance of the organization willingly, but they machine events and give assignments to further their own purposes.


Most low level members will only know their master within the organization and perhaps a few others in their cell. Higher ups can start to know a couple more members. The organization is split into local chapters, each commanded by a member who reports to a central boss in a location.


Silence. Those that know of it from the outside belive it is either a mafia of some kind, or possibly a cult or even a secret force of the king.


They likely have safe houses in most large cities, and from their size, a sizeable purse.
Secret, Brotherhood


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