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The home of the Dwarves in Albion, this duchy is primarily made up of the Alba mountains, which within them contain hundreds of halls for hundreds of thousands of dwarves that live below the ground. The north and central parts of the duchy are primarily filled with mountain dwarves, while the south and coastal areas are primarily hill dwarves, gnomes and humans.
It is relatively difficult to travel withing Zhakhzad, there is no primary waterway that provides easy access to the majority of the population, in fact, only around 70% of the population lives within a days travel of a navigable waterway. This 30% is primary concentrated in the very core of the mountain ranges, above the long lakes where a high plateu prevents the formation of any rivers that a boat could travel down. They primary survive by being self-sufficient and being connected on the great dwarven paved roads.


Unlike the other duchies of Albion, Zhakhzad has a slightly more flat hierarchy. The 12 ruling clans of the dwarves, including the Daerdahk, each command regions of the duchy, though of couse they consider their regions to be duchies, and Zhakhzad to be a kingdom. However, externally they are seen as counties or marches depending on the size and status of the area. There are many other clans, but they typically control a single mountain, a small collection of hills, or maybe a single mountain home.

Demography and Population

Nearly 470,000 creatures. Racial mix approximately 80% dwarf, 15% gnome, 3% human, 2% other. Most non-dwarves lived in the south of Zhakhzad, while the dwarves lived deep under the hills and mountains of the Alba range.
Within the Alba range, a few Giants survive to this day, as well as the dragons of old, though they have not been seen since the evil came.


Zhakhzad occupies the entire island north of Fosia. This is mostly a mountanous area, with a river acting as the border. Within Zhakhzad there are different areas. The southern parts are mostly hilly, with occasional marshes. However, the north is craggy and mountanous, with a pair of long mountain ranges, known as Alba, from the same root as Albion.


The Dwarven soldiers and knights of old are well renown for their skill and ability. All military age males are trained for a whole month of the year, and were excellent in their use of a shield wall with spears.
Dwarven soldiers are all foot soldiers, employing gnomes as cavalry on mechanomagical beasts. A few brave dwarves may climb on Domesticated Giant Goats
The "Touched" Dwarves and Gnomes are employed by the state, working as artificers mostly to build machines and mechanical marvels.

Technological Level

Medieval with advanced magical technology

Foreign Relations

Has good relations with Westumbria, but is strained with Fosia.

Agriculture & Industry

Once, this was a mighty producer of metals, but this is slowly tailing off as magical means become easier. However, they still produce more coal, iron, platinum, adamantium, aluminium, magestone, lodestone, and mithral than the rest of Albion. They mostly grow their own food, special underground plants and animals that thrive with the weak trickle of magical light.

Trade & Transport

Ores are transported up from the mines with a mechanimagical transport system using buckets. However, people are sometimes carried on these machines. Between moutainhomes, the most common method of transit is the mountain paths that exist.
However, the dwarves, through special dispensation, have purchased use of the Gnomish Airship Technology . This allows them to build Dwarf sized Airships, which most merchants and higher class people use to travel between mountainhomes. They may not operate commercially, and cannot travel except between mountainhomes, but it is a very generous arrangement.


The dwarves, due to their longer lifespans, are mildly better educated than the average human. Typically, the know how to properly spell in both Khuzdul and Friedish.


Many mines and mountainhomes.

Strong as Granite

Founding Date
Existed before the Fall
Geopolitical, Duchy
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Palace economy
Major Exports
Export finely crafted goods, metals, porcelain, and Mountain Silk.
Major Imports
Import a small amount of food and other organics (like wood or manure) from the surrounding duchies.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Manufactured Items
Related Items
Organization Vehicles

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