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The capital of Zhakhzad, the great halls of this once magnificant city display the wealth and power of the dwarves. A center of crafts of all kinds, and the throne of the King of Zhakhzad, this is a mighty city, worthy of being named one of the greatest cities of Albion.


Approximately 92% of the population of Abadun is Dwarves, with the rest being 5% gnomes, 2% human and 1% other.


Ruled locally by an unbroken line of Dwarves. The dwarves submitted to Albions king, but remain their own soverign dutchy within Albion, and continue to be refered to as king within their duchy, referring to the king of Albion as the king of kings. The clan fathers of the clans of the Dwarves assist in governance, acting as a ruling council like the Witena within the dwarven kingdom.


It has of course, the mountain, as well as a permanant force of 288 highly trained guards on duty at all time, 864 in total, as well as a local milita, and the dukes personal guard. Emplaced along the road to the entrace are a series of 12 guard towers, each with magical ballistae and defences. At the gate itself, a single touch by a guard would instantly collapse a large section of wall to cover the gate.

Industry & Trade

Within the halls, mostly crafts and education, as well as collecting tax and distributing wealth for projects. However, Abadun is also an important trade hub, as dwarves are forced to send their output to abadun if they wish to send it outside Zhakhzad


Abadun was built upon a rich vein of adamantium. While that has since dried up, the mines still exist. The dwarves continue to mine other resources out of the ground, but this is a lesser industry.
A large airport is built into the side of the mountain, servicing at its peak dozens of airships per day.
A road leads out of Abadun at the base of the mountain, south, heading to Zidrulun
A gigantic mushroom farm exists below the mountain, as well as a series of bat farms.


As it is the home of some of the best blacksmiths of all time, it holds magical and common equipment and objects of unparalleled quality, as well as the typical food stores to be expected of a large city. The king's treasury is also within the city.

Guilds and Factions

The primary factions were the Blacksmiths Guild, the Merchants Guild, and the Royal House of Durin. They have conflicting interests, and are constantly at each others throats. In addition, inter-clan rivalries are ever present and ever shifting.


Build in the standard orthogonal and angular style of the dwarves, everything is built of stone, mostly granite, and is incredibly finely carved. The towering entry hall is a whole 55 m tall, supported by nothing but the walls. The palace itself is a labarinthian complex, built up over time, that streches through 400000 m3 of rock.
The throne room is richely decorated, in times of old to empress upon the king of Albion that the Dwarven "Duke" would always be richer than him.


From the outside, Abadun looks much like any other mountain in its range, apart from the large airport near its peak. Other than that, it is a pretty standard primarily granite mountain in an orogenic range. The mountain, named Aba, is around 3700 m tall from its "base" at the lake Okli. This lake then feeds into a small underground river that continues on to the western coast of Albion.

Natural Resources

A deposit of Adamantium was the primary draw to this area, though fools Mithral (Alumnium) is also common, and a common trade good.
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