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The elven nation of Fosia was long ago subdued and brought into Albion as a duchy. They have now had 6 dukes since that time, over the past 1100 years. These dukes are chosen by a council of elven representatives, as the human nation of albion does not understand them if they do not have a single lord for life. However, within their lands the duke has little power, with most things working by consensus.


The ruling council is comprised of 20 elves, seletcted by a different groups withing Fosia. The groups are a relatively representative sample, with 8 wood elves and 12 high elves. 4 of the high elves represent large elvent cities or towns, while the rest represent smaller groups of communities. When the current duke dies, they select a new one, typically from their number. That duke will represent the elven council for the rest of their useful life, typically retiring at 400 if they are still alive. With their century long representations, they tend to be a stable element of the Witena, and a trusted council for generations of Recsalbi, a useful posistion that keeps the elves safe.


Fosia is simultaneously one of the richest duchies and one of the poorest. The fosian treasury contains dozens of artifacts, great items of power from elven history. However, to use these in any context but equipping a few dozen people, they would need to find a buyer with deep pockets and a need for a couple artifacts, a rare combination. They also have stores of foodstuffs, metals, tools, and weapons like all duchies, but their lower population leads to less stuff.

Demography and Population

The population of Fosia is around 68% Elven, with around 9% humans, 7% dwarves, 6% gnome, and 1% halfling with other races making up the last 5%. The high rate of dwarves are mostly a clan of hill dwarves concentrated in a small hilly part of north central Fosia.


From the river Leith in the south, to the foothills of Alba in the north, the duchy of Fosia exists between both coasts of the isle of Albion. It also controls a few islands to the west. The northern border roughly follows the border between the drainage basin of the Leith to the north of the river itself.


Fosia has no standing force of knights like the rest of Albion. When called to serve, which happens rarely, they will provide a force of archers, 2 for each knight they would need to send. This totals to around a 1000 highly trained archers, each of whom knows their way around a sword. However, if invaded, most elves can be called up, and nearly all are well trained with a bow and a sword.

Technological Level

Iron age roughly.

Foreign Relations

Fosia has a generally quiet relationship with Zhakhzad and Hen Ogledd. In the past both have tried to steal bits of territory, but both now have myths and legends warning them against it.

Agriculture & Industry

The elven duchy is almost entirely self sufficient. What they cannot produce themselves they trade their expertly crafted wares with humans or dwarves to acquire.

Trade & Transport

Elves move by walking. When you live for centuries, taking an extra couple days to get somewhere isnt that big a deal. Almost nothing elves deal with is bulk, so what you can carry on your back tends to be fine. There is a single mooring station for Gnomish Airships in the capital, beyond that, the few roads that run through are the most formalized transit infrastructure.
Geopolitical, Duchy
Predecessor Organization
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Gift economy
Major Exports
To purchase what little they need, elves will sell their masterwork, magical weapons, higher quality than anyone else can make.
Major Imports
Elves will import some metal from dwarves every now and again, and some small imports of all kinds come in, but otherwise they are self sufficient.
Legislative Body
The few laws the elves have are agreed to by the council
Parent Organization
Neighboring Nations


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