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The duchy of Lutia is the richest duchy of Albion, and is the dutchy of the king. It is actually smaller in size than every other dutchy, but has a population similar to them, and controls 2 important port towns, that of Littlehampton, the deceptively named largest city and captial of Albion, and Lymington, one of the most active ports in the world.


The duke of Lutia is the king of Albion, so it is mildly different in organization to the other duchies. The duchy is split into 4 marches along the coast, and a further 7 counties inland. The cities of Littlehampton and Lymington are both free cities, beholden only to the Duke.
The marches are Cant, Merford, Bathsed and Llangdri. The counties are

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Lutia itself comprises around 1200 manors, with 980 of them held alloidally by the Duke. The duchy has around 15 noble familes, each of which command around 20 manors, and around 500 members of the gentry, who hold a manor or two each. Of the remaining manors, 60 are held directly by the duke, and 90 by other "Major landholders of Albion".
As the richest duchy in the land, the Duke of Lutia has an income of around 3739000 gp per year total, of which it spends around 2,300,000 gp on maintanance and other expenses. The rest is kept in the royal coffers, which currently hold around 19,200,000 gp worth of material, though only around 31 tons of it is gold.
In addition of course, the duke could receive scutage on all of the manors he holds, which would be around 1,400,000 gp per year, but instead chooses to receive 850 knights instead.
The duke also receives a third of the income from all mines in Lutia. This consists of some 48 mines, and totals to around 100,000 gp worth of materials, most of which is used in the maitanance of the duchy.
The other landowners of Lutia take in the rest of the taxes, and pay for maintanance on their parts of the duchy. In all, the money going to the gentry in total is 14172000 gp, including what the Duke takes in.

Demography and Population

560,000 people live in Lutia, with 34,000 in Littlehampton, and another 12,000 in Lymington, though as with the rest of Albion, most people live in small communities or on small homesteads.
The people of Lutia are mostly Human (86%). Around 5% are dwarves, 3% are half-elves, 2% are halfling, another 2% are elves, and the last 2% are various other races.
The population is mostly stable, though there was a recent influx of Dwarves. The average age of the humans is around 35, though this of course is very different in the other races.


Lutia commands the land 30 miles on both sides of the Mersey, down to around 70 miles from the sea. It commands the entire drainage basin of the Foyle, which is a similar size.
Lutia comprises in total around 6000 square miles of land. On that land, there is one metropolis, one large city, two small cities, 5 large towns, 9 small towns, 50-60 villiages, 100-120 Hamlets, and an unknown number of thorps. Most manors comprise a thorp, as they are a concentration of a small number of people, but they do not tend to be defined that way.


The king has a retainer of a mighty 850 knights, with 100 of them being Shield of the King and the other 750 spread throughout the land under various counts and marquis. The land can raise a force of around 120,000 people, though this would only be supportable for a short period.

Technological Level

Early industrial/Late Agricultural. Gnomic airships and dwarven machines are used, but few are actually manufactured in Lutia.

Foreign Relations

Lutia is neighbored by Suthalbia and Eudia, and has reasonably cordial, if lightly tense relations with them.

Agriculture & Industry

Lutia is mostly a trading power, though the fertile Mersey bank and offshoots lead to some excellent farmland.

Trade & Transport

The Mersey is the center of trade and commerce in Lutia. Lymington is at the mouth of the river, and is a large port that takes in goods from seafaring ships and puts them on smaller riverships and canal boats to disseminate thorughout the rest of Albion. Littlehampton is on the Mersey, and so is easily reachable, but the royal palace has an airport beside it, which has multiple airships arriving and departing every day.


People in Lutia are relatively more educated than those in other duchies, but this is a low bar, and most people are only literate phonetically.
Geopolitical, Duchy
Lutians, Lutes
Leader Title
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Exports food and refined goods from all of Albion.
Major Imports
It imports mostly exotic goods, as well as metals for trade further inside Albion.
Parent Organization
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Neighboring Nations

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