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Duke of Lutia

The duke of Lutia is the most powerful person in Lutia. It is the second oldest human ducal line, after the Westumbrian, going back 67 dukes over 1700 years. The current duke, and the last 14 dukes have also held the position as the king of all Albion. While this was originally a voted position, it slowly became Lutia's. Out of the past 20 kings, 19 have been lutian, and now there is no argument over the kingship, at least not openly.


Be the next in line with a spark.
Children of the current first, boys by birth order, then girls by birth order. Then, siblings, then siblings children, then uncles and aunts, then their children and on. Spark-augmented male-preference primogeniture. The spark is seen as a way for the gods to pick the right person.
Generally as long as the candidate is at least mildly capable, they are accepted. However, the Witena has final say, with the input of the previous duke. They go through the entire line until they find somoene they accept, but 90% of the time, they pick the first choice, 95% of the time the second or third.


The ceremony for the tranferance of the duke is quite simply, but it is played up for the most important duke.


Manage the duchy.
The most important roles of the Duke of Lutia is settling conflicts within the duchy and protecting it from outsiders.


Because of the scale of the kingdom and duchy, the duke can have essentially anything. The house rents a Gnomish Airship, but the duke could hire a wizard to teleport them where they needed to go. The house has a permanant retainer of scholars, but the duke could easily contact any school of any subject and be assured a near instant answer. The duke is the ultimate authority, and as such, any legal matter will go the way they decide.
As the richest duchy in the land, the Duke of Lutia has an income of around 3739000 gp per year total, of which it spends around 2,300,000 gp on maintanance and other expenses. The rest is kept in the royal coffers, which currently hold around 9,200,000 gp worth of material, though only around 31 tons of it is gold.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The dress uniform of the Duke is highly variable based on the occasion. However, for the most official of buisness, they have a coronet that sits within the crown of Albion. They have a set of adamantine plate made for them, with the family crest.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Only a god can do so.
But seriously, the other dukes working in concert could remove the duke as king, but most wouldnt want to. But from the title of duke. It would take the dissolution of the duchy by the king.
Nobility, Hereditary
Equates to
Source of Authority
The gods
Length of Term
Life or senility
Current Holders
Related Locations
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