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Recsalbi Kelceran Heleralei

Recsalbi Kelceran Heleralei

The current Recsalbi, King of Albion, Duke of Lutia etc. Kelceran Heleralei is likely the most powerful human in Albion, and likely in the top 20 in the world, perhaps top 30 including mortal non-humans. Overall an inoffensive leader, but not the kind of strong presence that would be wished for in a time of trouble like the current one. While he has effectivly kept the peace among the duchies, and helped contain the spread of evil, a true force of personality would be needed to bring Albion back to its glory days.
He has a powerful spark within him, and has currently achieved a powerful combination of sword and sorcery. He however does not likely need to worry of an attack, he has a constant bodyguard in the Shield of the King, and spends most of his time in a heavily guarded palace. However, being capable of casting shield and absorb elements helps.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the 7105th year after the slaying of Tiamaat, second child to Recsalbi Thomlael Heleralei, first male child and first sparked child, he was the clear successor to the throne. As such, when his father died in the year 7131, he succeded his position as king of all Albion by a unanamous consent of the Witena.


Bisexual, his consorts are of all sorts

Accomplishments & Achievements

At 23, he lead a successful military action against a raiding party of Emenians attempting to start another colony in souther Eudioa,
At 25 he performed an important ritual. To be named dragonslayer, he had to kill a Chromatic Dragon above the age of 25. He vanquished a 37 year old Black Dragon that inhabited the swamps of Herulia.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is actually moderatly intelligent, but is not the wisest king on the block.

Morality & Philosophy

He just wants to do a pretty ok job, and leave the kingdom in more or less the same state as he found it in. Just 9 years before his coronation, Abadun was evacuated.


Family Ties

He is married to Auburn Pauwels, daughter of Duke Terence Pauwels.
With her he has 3 children, though no sparked sons yet. As such the current heir apparent is his eldest daughter, Heather Heleralei, followed by his brother and then his sister.


Recsalbi Kelceran Heleralei


Towards Auburn Pauwels


Auburn Pauwels


Towards Recsalbi Kelceran Heleralei


Wealth & Financial state

The royal coffers contain 19,200,000 gp worth of materials, and the king theoretically has access to all the wealth of the land, as well as owning the entire duchy of Lutia. In all, the duke and his family without taking into account land or buildings is probably worth 7-8 million gp, and could find another 2-3 million in a pinch.
As the richest duke in the land, the Duke of Lutia has an income of around 3,739,000 gp per year total, of which it spends around 2,300,000 gp on maintanance and other expenses. As recsalbi, and with his other holdings, he earns an additional 5,000,000 gp per year, but 4,500,000 gp of it is spent on maintanance, including lost income through knights instead of scutage.
In addition though, if the king asked for something, he would likely get it. A Gnomish Airship is provided to the royal house free of charge, to allow them to operate within the kingdom. Wizarding representatives of all the schools study at the palace library to be close at hand when their services are needed. Every religion maintains a shrine or temple or monastry in Littlehampton. It is always good to be in the good graces of the king.
Lawful Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Albion, Duke of Lutia, Protector of Littlehampton, Protector of the Three Races, Dragonslayer, Favoured of the Gods.
Arms of vert a base pointed or in first quarter a dragon dormant argent in second quarter a spark argent in middle base a triskelion of spirals inverted gules.
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
6105 S.A. 30 Years old
Current Residence
140 lb
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Friedish, Elven, Teutish, Dwarven


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