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Castle Baselham

This large castle, seat of the King of Albion, sits near the center of Littlehampton. The keep itself covers 1.5 acres with 2 floors, though large internal courtyards lead to less internal space. The castle covers 6 acres, and has 20 odd seperate structures, as well as 7 towers and 2 gatehouses on the walls. There is a small dock onto the river, as well as a bridge to the island. On that island are two more towers, a drawbridge to another part of the city, as well as a small lodge used by the king for quick getaways, and to keep their dogs.


Built by the great Basel family at the turn of the 49th century since the fall, this grand palace has grown over the years as the small town of Littlehampton has grown into the giant metropolis it is today.
Sometime in the 54th century the Basel line was extinguished, and the castle and much of their land fell into the hands of the Taurec family. In the 59th century they were driven from power by the Heleralei, and they have held the castle ever since.
The castle grew into its modern recognisable for around 120 years ago, when the extension to the back of the keep was built.
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Castle Herulham
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